Perfume Playground Club | Melbourne | OPENING LAUNCH – 10 NOV

Perfume Playground Club | Melbourne | OPENING LAUNCH - 10 NOV

Do you love to engage your senses? Have you ever thought about blending perfume?

The Perfume Playground Club says no to synthetics. Come and have fun with the natural world.


In our friendly, relaxed open sessions, you get to have fun with Natural scent for 2 hours. There is no formal structure and we find magic happens when everyone shares their knowledge and ideas.

We operate a strict reservation policy, so please remember to reserve your place!

At your first session, we will give you a brief safety orientation of Scent Lab before we begin.

Please note all perfumery equipment e.g. bottles, scent strips, perfumers alcohol, beakers, droppers are provided.

You are then free to explore the scent organ to select 5 materials you’d like to work with.

We’ll make up the five 4ml vials of your chosen scents so you can start experimenting in your own space. You get to take everything home with you including your perfume creation.

Maximum of 10 people per session, all levels welcome.


6:00 pm-8:00 pm, Thursdays

We hold sessions at L2, 287 Collins St, Melbourne VIC, 3000. Find directions, here.


Intro Session: $50

You have access to the scent lab and get to choose 5 materials to work with and take home. Extra vials of scent may be selected at the costs below.

Returning Club Members: $15

This includes a lab fee, and access to the scent organ. The Scent Lab is open to club members and materials over and above what was chosen for the intro session can be purchased on site. 4ml Vials are sold at $10.00 each


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We look forward to seeing you.

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Collins St, Melbourne VIC